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72 Hour Bug-Out Bag Checklist

Knife (fixed blade or folding)

Swiss Army/ Pocket Knife OR Multi Tool

Folding Saw

Axe or Hatchet

Small Folding Shovel



Ferro Rod (optional)

Flint and Steel (optional)

Magnifying Glass (optional)


Sleeping Bag/ Heavy (Wool) Blanket[]

Tarp (Orange/Reflective)[]

Emergency Blanket (Orange/ Reflective)[]

Mylar Space Blanket

32 oz Container Stainless Steel or Titanium OR Metal Container for Cooking and 32/oz Nalgene or Bladder Pack

7- Strand Paracord, 100/feet

Bankline #36 tarred, 1 lb spool

Paracord Bracelet (pref with whistle and Striker)

Shemagh or Bandana (100% Cotton)

2" Roll Gorilla Tape

Compass with Azmuth, Mirror, Magnifying Glass

Cloth Sail Needle

Headlamp (multi settings including flash)

First Aid Supply Bag (Red)

Bandages/ Bandaids

Antibacterial Wipes


Medical Gloves

Medical Instrument Kit

First Aid Instructions

Anticeptic Wipes

Antibacterial Ointment

Burn Gel


Sling (Or Use Shemagh)

Tourniquet (Or Use Paracord

]Water Filtration System (Life Straw or Grayl Bottle)

Water Disinfectant

Rations (9 minimum)

Fishing Kit

Toilet Paper

Maxi Pads and Tampons (First Aid)

Face/Body Wipes


Disposable Diapers/Wipes (If Applicable)

Change of Clothes

Waterproof Jacket/ Rain Suit

Stocking Cap

Cold Weather Gloves

Change of Socks

Hand Warmers

Pain Killers

2 Week (minimum) Supply of RX Medications

2 Week (minimum) Supply of Vitamins/Minerals

List of Medications

List of Doctors and Contact Info

Baby Asprin


Pepper Spray

Chem Lights


Signaling Panel (Orange)

Flash or Thumb Drive in Ziplock Bag: Copies of: Emergency Contacts, IDs, Passports, All Relevant Permits, Insurance (Health, Home, Life, Auto), Pics (of Every Room in House, Family and Pets), Medical and Dental Records

Map of Area and Region

Cellphones and Chargers

Radio (Crank or Battery), *Two-Way or CB radios

GPS Tracking Device

Emergency Cash (Small Bills)

Small Mirror

Sewing Kit



Large Backpack (with Padded Shoulders and Hips)

Small Mirror

Extra Batteries

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